A new partner in the War On Carp

I want to introduce Alexander Skora on left. He is working hard on marketing these fish to metropolitan areas to help get the price higher for our commercial fishermen. He brought his film crew and drone to see the fish and ended up bowfishing. The story is he hit this one on the first shot […]

Out With KDFWR

Photos from my time with our local fish and wildlife. These guys pulled 6000 lbs out but their main job has been research and tagging these carp in understanding how they are moving so we are prepared when the barrier is installed at Barkley Dam for testing they can see if movements into the lake […]

Article In Bassmaster

BassMaster recently published an article concerning the Asian Carp crisis and the War On Carp. You can read it here: Bassmaster Article

UPDATE: Meeting with Processors

UPDATE: Saturday and Monday we met with 2 different processors – allowing them to pitch their ideas of how we can take more fish out and move the fish into the market both large and small. We talked about how we can possibly test a stun boat (electrofishing) and the unified blocking method that will […]

War On CARP with Congressman Comer

Congressman James Comer and his staff from KY and Wash DC came to Lake Barkley for a visit on the water to actually see the over population of asian carp and how the silvers jumping is a tourism nightmare. Congress must help and i believe they will. This was a needed visit. No matter how […]

Tagged Carp: If you catch or shoot a carp with tags here is why

From the Western Fisheries Facebook Page: KEEPING YOU INFORMED: KDFWR biologists, in cooperation with TWRA, USFW, Tenn Tech, and Murray State have begun a project to estimate the numbers of SILVER CARP in KY and BARKLEY lakes. Watch the full video for a FULL EXPLANATION of the project. * A small number of silver carp […]

Donations Received!!

Just this week we have collected $8500.00 in donations that are being mailed in the morning to the¬†carpharvestfund.com.¬†This money will be used as soon as possible for flagging of nets and webbing which are things I believe are on the agenda to purchase first for our commercial fishermen on the carp program with the state. […]


MUDDYFLATZ BOUNTY ON BARKLEY CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER FORECAST. Unfortunately, the weather forecast continues to deteriorate for our area for Saturday Night. After discussions with the Bowfishermen involved it is best to cancel the Muddyflatz Bounty on Barkley. We did not want to cancel, but with the possibility of Thunderstorms improving it would create an […]