Large Asian Carp Die Off – Quick Reporting is Essential

Large Asian Carp die off. – IN FUTURE CONTACT WAR ON CARP OR FISH AND WILDLIFE ASAP IF YOU SEE A DIE OFF. THEY CAN’T ANALYZE THE CAUSE of die off IF DEAD FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS. So if you see a die off contact someone asap. thanks FYI. WADE

“Large numbers of dead Asian carp in Blood River on Kentucky Lake and in Little River on Lake Barkley were reported to us yesterday. We counted roughly 1,000 Asian carp floating in Blood River that had been dead for several days. Unfortunately, in order for us to take samples from the fish for laboratory analysis, the fish have to be very fresh, dead for less than 24 hrs. Therefore, we were not able to take samples from these fish for analysis, which also means we could not make an exact determination for cause of death. However, we can speculate that environmental conditions played a big role in this particular fish kill. Last week we had a very cold rain which contrasted sharply with the warm water temperatures. Asian carp often feed at the surface of the water and would be some of the first fish affected by the changing water temps. The stress of coping with a quickly changing water temp as well as the environmental bacteria that are known to affect Asian carp (large Asian carp kill in spring of 2017), probably contributed to this die off.” – Jessica Morris, KY Fish and Wildlife.

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